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About the Studio

The Sanctuary is located in the heart of Edison Park.  Upon entering you will feel the energy of this sacred space. Whether you are there to energize your body or soothe your soul, your state of mind will be elevated.

I decided to embark on this journey after ten years of teaching. Yoga has changed my life in so many ways and I want to guide my students to see how connecting your body, mind, and breath can really alter your mindset.  In addition to the wonderful array of classes I am offering monthly New Moon Circles.  These meditation offerings will really connect you with your intuition and show you how a New Moon can help you manifest anything you put your mind to.  To compliment the yoga practice, I wanted to also offer my very favorite things, such as crystals, incense and candles.  You will find a selection of items unique to The Sanctuary and I hope you love them as much as I do.

Welcome to The Sanctuary. I invite you to enter, tune in, and zen out.



Meet The Sanctuary Squad


At the age of 4 years old, Anastasiia was introduced to the practice and culture of classical ballet.
At the time of her inner searches she gradually started seeing everything she was ever looking for in a yoga practice. Soon enough she realized yoga works on all layers of your being making one’s body physically stronger and more flexible, bringing one’s mind in balance and cultivating emotions of compassion and love. Life was bringing her all over the world so she was able to attend yoga classes in Ukraine, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and the US which exposed her own yoga practice to a wide variety of yoga schools and teachings and fulfilled her inner desire to share it with the others.

Over the years her passion for a diverse and active lifestyle developed into becoming a yoga instructor.
Anastasiia shares her international experience of a balanced yoga practice created to support your physical and mental health.


Brittany began her movement journey as a dancer at age 4 in the suburbs of Chicago. She continued her studies through college while receiving her Bachelors in Dance and Pre-Physical Therapy at the University of Iowa. Brittany began her Yoga practices in high school, although, college is where she really fell in love with the movement, philosophy and growth yoga offered. After graduating, she found herself moving around the US a bit but still continued her practice. Brittany settled back near her home in Chicago where she completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Chicago Athletic Clubs and began teaching soon after. Brittany encourages openness and awareness through breath while building strength and growth in your practice. Her movement is based off of what feels good and right in your own body. Brittany’s classes often resemble a yin-yang were she leads her yogis through a give-and-take of their own practice.


A former yoga hater, I am determined to make it a practical element of your everyday life. Always a performer but never an athlete, yoga captivated me first as a mental and emotional challenge during a difficult period of life. When COVID hit, it forced me to slow down and be more present. Finally, I realized that yoga had become a passion and trained to teach. My goal is to safely help others connect their spiritual body with their physical body for harmony, poise, and resilience in their lives, bodies, and minds! Currently I’m challenging myself with handstands, shoulder flexibility and strength training. Talk to me about musicals, coffee, food, health, travel, film and anything else your heart desires—I CAN’T WAIT to get to know you and your light.


Natasha is the founder of The Sanctuary.  She became certified at Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago and has been teaching ever since.  She left the finance world behind to become a yoga instructor because she wanted to show people the wonderful benefits of the asana practice.  From vinyasa to yin, yoga is about community and coming together to breathe and move but also being with your own thoughts and headspace on your mat.  Yoga teaches you to live and breathe in the present moment and nothing else matters beyond this moment.  Yoga is about letting go and the space and energy at The Sanctuary is about unrolling your mat or your silk to tune in and zen out.  



Hello, I’m Jen! I have been on my yoga journey for about 12 years, and my yoga practice has helped me grow stronger and more flexible on and off the mat.

Influenced by my teachers and peers, I aim to bring a sincere love for yoga to every class I teach. Through intention, meditation, asana and pranayama, I safely guide students through creative sequences to find joy, clarity, self discovery and wellness. I share mindfulness practices that implement a sense of connection and wonder to the natural world. I encourage others with compassion to expand inner awareness, and trust their intuition. I received a 200 hr yoga certification in 2016, and continue to expand my knowledge with additional trainings every year in both yoga and the study of Ayurveda.



Haley grew up the suburbs of Chicago where she danced from an early age.  After high school, she moved to North Carolina to pursue a degree in Dance.  During her four years there she developed a dedicated, daily hot vinyasa practice at a local studio.  This is truly where her passion for yoga depend.  Upon graduating, Haley danced and performed nationally and internationally and then decided to move back home to Chicago.  Haley has danced with professional dance companies such as Michael Mao Dance Company in NYC, Project Bound Dance in Chicago, and Aerial Dance Chicago where she received rigorous aerial silks training.  She fell in love with the extreme physical challenge so she decided to get certified in Aerial Yoga.  She received her teacher training with Light On Yoga Fitness in Huntsville, Alabama.

In all of Haley's classes she loves to combine strength and flexibility in order to create and enhance mind-body awareness and improve performance on and off the mat.  She believes yoga truly is for EVERY BODY.  She hopes to challenge you in class but ultimately give you a space where you feel supported and safe and can quiet your mind.

Haley is SO excited and grateful to be sharing her aerial experience teaching at The Sanctuary among other amazing teachers.



Ever since I could remember, physical activity has been a huge part of my life. I grew up training about 25 hours a week for rhythmic gymnastics, eventually making it to the U.S. National Team and then to the 2007 World Championships. I retired rhythmic gymnastics around 2008, and immediately started yoga. I came onto my mat mostly for the physical practice, and slowly began to explore different styles in Boulder, Colorado where I attended college.

It wasn’t until after I graduated the University of Colorado at Boulder that I began a more consistent practice. The benefits of yoga started to unravel on the mat day by day, connecting me to something much deeper than just the physical asanas. Yoga began to truly save my life.

In 2014, I moved back to Chicago and enrolled in my 200-hour Teacher Training. After completing my training, I knew that my life passion was with Yoga. I started teaching beginner vinyasa, yin, and advanced classes & workshops across the Chicagoland area. I also hold and offer private yoga sessions, Reiki healing (I am attuned to the Master level), and lead yoga & meditation retreats.

My yoga classes are energetic, welcoming, and a safe space for everyone. I incorporate lots of juicy assists and adjustments, breath work, philosophy, meditation, and a wide variety of poses to create the healing yogic experience I wish to share with each and every one of you.