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Defy gravity with the use of silks.  You will take your yoga moves to new levels. Inversions become accessible. Standing poses intensify in the best way. Backbends will deepen.  The ultimate upper body and core work out that is fun and challenging. Once you take this class, it may become your favorite way to move. 

Image by Dane Wetton

New Moon Meditation

Our New Moon Meditation  falls on the New Moon day of each month.  The New Moon - or dark moon - is a time to reflect and meditate on what your dreams and soul desires are. 

This class is exclusive to The Sanctuary.  It varies slightly each month, depending on which zodiac sign the moon falls in.  This class includes  journaling, and mindful meditation specific to your intentions and manifestations. Come see for yourself how this ritual can work for you! 

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Hustle & Flow

This vinyasa class is all about the playlist, which features hip hop of all kinds. Move to the music.

Solar Vinyasa

The sun gives us light. The sun gives us energy. This vinyasa will do just that - energize you to new levels. Move with your breath and find the magic within.  Solar Vinyasa is all-levels and modifications are provided for beginners and more seasoned yogis.

Vinyasa Yoga

Lunar Vinyasa

Lunar energy is calming and cooling. Lunar vinyasa is a slow and gentle flow. Utilizing the breath, at a nice, slow pace you will calm the mind, body, and soul.  This class is excellent for those just beginning their yoga journey.


Vinyasa Yoga
Yoga by the Pool
Yoga Class

Yin + Restorative

Yin is a wonderful practice which consists of slow, deep, intentional movements and poses that are held for several minutes.  This leads to deeper stretches into the muscles and ligaments.  The use of props helps to support the body and makes this a great class to release and unwind.  This class is perfect for beginners!

Free Yoga

Vin & Yin

This class is the best of both worlds. You will flow with your breath during the first half of the vinyasa flow and finish off with  a half hour of Yin to deeply stretch the muscles and ligaments.  

Iyengar Yoga
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